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  • 产品品牌   金纬机械
  • 产品型号   JWELL-2022
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    金纬机械推出新一代GAG装饰膜生产线,具有低能耗、效率高的优点,目前可提供技术成熟的同向双螺杆挤出生产线和单螺杆挤出生产 线。 Jwell Machinery has launched a new...


GAG High Gloss Decorative Sheet Production Line
Jwell Machinery has launched a new generation of GAG decorative film production line, which has the advantages of low
energy consumption and high efficiency. Currently, it can provide mature co-rotating twin-screw extrusion production lines and
single-screw extrusion production lines.
使用物料 Use Material:APET、PETG
片材类型 Sheet Type:单面磨砂片、高光透明片、颜色磨砂片、高光颜色片、哑光薄膜、透明薄膜;
Single-sided frosted film, high-gloss transparent film, color frosted film, high-gloss color film, matte film, transparent film.
片材特点 Sheet Features:
GAG decorative film is suitable for environmental protection flat film on furniture surface. The product uses green environmental
protection material, which has excellent wear resistance, stain resistance, yellowing resistance and other properties, so that
the furniture surface presents various fashionable and beautiful visual effects.
设备特点 Features:
◎Using a new screw combination form, the material is fully plasticized and the color masterbatch is evenly dispersed, ensuring
good toughness and color uniformity of the product;
◎Adopt high-efficiency three-stage vacuum system to effectively remove water and monomolecular volatiles in the melt and
improve product performance;
◎The ultra-mirror alloy steel thin-walled roller is used, which not only satisfies the rapid cooling and shaping of the product,
but also improves the surface quality of the decorative film;
◎The automatic turning double-station winder is adopted to realize automatic cutting, automatic winding, and ensure stable
production in the production of wide sheets. The winding shaft is driven by a servo motor, which can realize multi-stage tension
or taper winding to ensure the The end face of the coil is neat, the tension is stable, and it can meet the switching of 3-inch and
6-inch air shafts;
◎The whole line adopts first-class frequency conversion control and servo control to realize high-efficiency and high-precision
control. Through the human-machine interface HMI, the whole line parameter preview, parameter adjustment and one-key
linkage can be realized, which makes the operation more convenient;
◎24-hour network remote service to realize fault diagnosis, error analysis and troubleshooting, reducing debugging and
production downtime.